Friday, January 6, 2012

Meeting Channing Tatum!

The plan for today was suppose to go to Calabasas and check out the Kardashians store, "DASH." It turned out me & my friend just weren't up to the adventure because it was already getting late to head all the way out to Calabasas. It would probably take like an hour and a half to get there on the bus! I was meeting my friend in Hollywood near the Chinese theatre. Before I met up with my friend Gloria I headed to the bank in West Hollywood and got something quick to eat at subway. I randomly ran into an event that was happening! I heard about the premiere but didn't remember the day or anything. It was the LA premiere of "Haywire." I actually saw the movie like a month ago when they had a screening at the Chinese theatre. I headed back to Hollywood to meet my friend and bring her over to the premiere on the bus. I was pretty excited about the premiere but I had NONE of my autograph stuff! I have a bunch of Channing Tatum magazines and movies at home! While we waited for the event to start we took some photos in West Hollywood! We got a bunch of photos with the Hollywood Hills behind us. It wasn't a well known event so there weren't as many people at this premiere. I guess Channing Tatum was suppose to show up so I was pretty excited! As soon as Channing arrived he came right over by the fans! Channing was such a cool guy! I got my photo with him and I was more than happy! For the crowd at the premiere not being that big, the people there were CRAZY! So many of the regulars were just pissing me off! UGH! People just don't have manners and don't know how to respect peoples personal space! I don't know if my friend Gloria was ready for that CRAZYNESS! We had a lot of fun at the premiere but we were both exhausted after it! For some reason I got so exhausted! The only person that we didn't get a photo with that we really wanted was Antonio Banderas!

Meeting Channing Tatum for the first time! What a nice gentlemen.

Joe from 'True Blood"really nice guy! Asked him who his favorite Kardashian is...He's really NOT a fan! This is my second time running into Joe.
The first time I met JOE!

Ran into the TMZ people walking down Sunset Blvd.


We headed back to Hollywood after the event. I was SOOOO hungry! I had to eat something before I collapsed on the streets of Hollywood! I got a veggie burrito from "Baja Fresh." I love my mexican food! I could just live off of mexican food, I love it! After my other friend left for home and we waited for Gloria's friend Jacob to get to Hollywood. I recently just met Jacob at the Kris Jenner book signing. We tried going to see the Hollywood sign but it was to dark out to see anything! I didn't know that they don't even have lights or anything on it? We passed a few of the hotdog stands that the mexicans push down the streets of Hollywood Blvd. UNCOVERED meat! EWW! They have NOTHING covering the food! That is so unsanitary! We didn't stay in Hollywood to much longer, I was so TIRED! I headed home on the subway.

Both me and Taylor Lautner have about the same size feet! 

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