Thursday, January 5, 2012

Favorite 2011 photos!

I had a pretty good day today. I slept until whenever I wanted and got up and got ready. I had to go to the bank and run a few errands. As I left the house I noticed I forgot the check that I needed! UGH! I really hate when I forget things when I leave the house! I made a few phone calls as I was walking to the bus. It was only 11 in the afternoon and it was already 80 degrees! I headed over to the NoHo arts district. I got something to eat a Panera and ran over to Starbucks. I needed to edit a few things on my blog. I love updating the photos on there. I didn't stay at Starbucks to long because I had to go to work. Work went by really fast, I had fun. We ran out of pizzas, so it was a really easy night! As I was walking home one of my neighbors was standing outside looking at this fountain thing in her front yard! She was just looking at it!? I have no clue what she was doing!

Favorite Celebrity photos from 2011(:

I have been meeting some amazing CELEBRITIES! I mean to be honest I didn't think a lot of these people were going to be so nice and down to earth! But two of the most down to earth people are Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt! WOW! They are amazing people! They are extremely nice and will actually spend time with the fans! Another group of people that are friendly are the Kardashians! I'm a HUGE fan of them, some people like them some people hate them. But, the Kardashians are so friendly, they really are nice people! I mean Khloe treats everyone like their her friend! I had to put the photo of me & Tyra Banks on here too because that was a great day! Tyra told me that I look like Prince Harry! One of my favorite pictures is my Perez Hilton photo! Perez inspires me in so many ways! I really hope to be like him someday and as successful! He blogs constantly, and thats something I've been working on. I would LOVE to have my blog known around the world! 

The photos above were just some of my favorites. I NEVER thought I would get close to some of these people! But it happened! I mean Snooki!? Still can't believe that I've seen her 6 times! Still no picture with her yet! One of these days! 

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