Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jersey Shore cast!

Long day out in the hot LA sun today! I'm exhausted! I didn't think that trying to hunt down the Jersey Shore guys was going to be so exhausting! But it really was! I headed to Starbucks before my adventures at The Grove today. The sun was SO fierce today! I waited for the Jersey Shore guys to show up. There was a SURPRISE visit! SNOOKI! Nicole showed up with her boyfriend by her side. I still haven't had luck getting a picture with her yet! I didn't even ask for a photo today because I've been turned down so many times! I just took photos of her heading to her interview today. The guys showed was  pretty crazy. Mike "The Situation" was peeking out of the restaurant to see where all the fans were! He like wanted photographers and fans to see him! Mike was totally cool! He came outside and chatted with the fans and signed autographs! I took a photo with him and he wouldn't stop yapping! He is such a talker! GEEZE! Out of the WHOLE cast he is the nicest! Then the rest of the guys came out and I took more photos of them. They really didn't take any photos! I really wanted a photo with Pauly D! They were interviewed and then left. I tried getting autographs as they were leaving but it got CRAZY!

I headed over to Hollywood after seeing the Jersey Shore guys. There was another event going on there. The Jersey Shore guys were going to be at another event and Christina Ricci. I took a photo with Christina, she was so sweet! Christina is so short though! OMG! I got two autographs from her. I left Hollywood after meeting Christina Ricci. I loved her in CASPER! I love that movie!

I think we have a SITUATION! 
Christina Ricci!

Here's a few photos I took of the Jersey Shore guys today at the Grove! They were actually all pretty nice. It's been so hard to get a photo with Snooki though! I did say HI to her though! I want her to remember me! I mean...this is the 6th time I've seen her! 


  1. About time you got a picture with the Situation!

  2. It was much easier getting a photo with him! I'm still working on getting my photo with Snooki! I've seen that girl 6 times! & still NO photo!