Friday, January 20, 2012

Underworld Premiere

Ohh Hollywood.....The premiere today in Hollywood was horrible! Kate Beckinsale was really the only person that crossed the street, and it was CRAZY when she came over! She skipped are section and we got NO autographs! It was horrible! The time that I ran to the area she was signing in it was like 8 people deep! I got NO autographs at the premiere! UGH! HORRIBLE! This CRAZY homeless guy kept riding his bike up and down Hollywood Blvd. He had like a GREEN shower curtain around him and a bunch of CRAZY looking toy things attached to his bike! I didn't want to even be near him! As we were waiting for Kate to arrive, Carmen Electra passed us! A few of us ran over by her and asked for photos! She was extremely nice! I didn't know until today that her and Kim Kardashian were in Disaster Movie together! I would've asked her about it! Kat Von D was another guest that arrived to the premiere. We headed over to the after party to see if we could get a few autographs from Kate Beckinsale going in. Kate lives in London & New York so she's not always in town to sign autographs. Sure enough Kate arrived and signed autographs! It got a little WILD when she was signing, so many dealers were there! I did manage to get an autograph though. I don't think anyone got any photos with Kate because they wouldn't let us!

Here's my autograph that I got from Kate.

Carmen Electra! 

During the premiere I was tweeting Kellan Lutz! Kellan is such a cool guy and he LOVES his fans! I tweeted him and he tweeted me right back! How awesome is that!? 

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