Saturday, January 21, 2012

DRUNK at the bus stop!

Got to sleep in after a long night yesterday in Hollywood...ugh what a long day trying for autographs! It was NOT easy getting autographs yesterday! I woke up and received a PACKAGE from my GRAMA! She sent me another HEAVY box! She sent me magazines, more of my favorite snacks, and few movies that I wanted her to send. I was so EXCITED! I love getting presents in the mail! The weather was perfect today, nice and sunny when I went to get my package that was on the porch. I got ready for work and headed to the bus stop. Some DRUNK was there waiting for the bus, being really weird! I stayed FAR away from him, YUCK, he was disgusting! I jumped on the bus and stopped at Subway on the way to work. I ordered a sub they put it in the oven for a few....they starting putting veggies on it! The sub was SO FLAT! I was like WHAT!? I noticed that they put it on flat bread! I guess it's okay...I tried it and it was fine. But when they put that bread on the counter I was like HUH?...why is it so flat!? Worked until 9:30 and one of my co-workers drove me home. I tried sticking some money on the seat, but she noticed and threw the money OUT of the car!! UGH! My co-workers are just to nice!

Things that my Grama sent me in the mail!

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