Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cashiering at Target

I was so happy to finish looking at all the things that my Grama sent me in the package that I received! I love when she sends me all the tabloids! I NEED the tabloids! I cannot survive a day without reading them! She sent me a lot of my favorite snacks too! I love my SOUR gummy worms! I really needed to clean my room and organize a little so I did, and I put away the things that my Grama sent me. I was cashiering today. I picked up a shift for some extra hours! I like not being in the food area everyday! Working with food everyday just gets boring! For some reason people at this Target here in California think that I don't know how to cashier! I told them, "You guys I'm from another Target!" I'm NOT new at working a register, cashiering was the first thing that I learned when I started working for Target!

I was so tired from soon as I got home I fell asleep! Work can be exhausting! Even if I'm only working for a few hours! I got some Starbucks before I left target and went home(:

My friend Eli at work loves drawing! Look at how neat these little people look! 

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