Sunday, January 22, 2012

Really bus!?

Got up and went to Studio City to get something to eat for lunch. I didn't want to do that much today because the bus is so SLOW on Sunday's! It's just horrible! My first bus came pretty quickly....but the second bus that takes me through the Hollywood Hills took forever to come! I waited over 40 minutes for the bus to pick me up in Studio City! The second bus that I took, takes you through the Hills from the valley to West Hollywood. I headed over to one of my favorite Starbucks in West Hollywood to work on my blog. The time I got there I just didn't even want to work on it because it took me so long to get there! I did do a lot of talking on the phone today though...from all the traveling to get to West Hollywood! The one time I actually do get ahold of my mom it kept cutting I and I kept losing signal because she lives in the middle of the WOODS in Northern Wisconsin! After Starbucks I just headed home to do some laundry....and I had to make it home in time to watch "K&K Take New York!"

Watching INTO THE BLUE tonight!

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