Monday, January 23, 2012


Blogging Blogging Blogging.....

I have been blogging like CRAZY! I blog at least once a day! Haven't had that many CRAZY CALIFORNIA adventures lately because I have been working every night! I hate routine! I like when my schedule is random! When I'm working every night I never can make plans for my celebrity adventures!

I woke up this morning to it raining! Ugh. The rain just sucks. I like the sun! I had to work today anyways so at least I didn't have anything planned because I would be doing it in the rain! And I really hate running around Hollywood and going to my celebrity events in the rain! I made it to work early and got something to eat at the Target Cafe. I jumped back and fourth from Starbucks to Food Ave today. For some reason work went by really slow today....I don't know why? Usually it goes by really fast!

Someone that I met at Kris Jenner's book signing a few months ago shared this photo with me on my facebook wall the other day. She saved my blog "Niko Takes NoHo" as one of her apps on her iphone so she has easy access to it! How awesome is that! Thanks Rayann!

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