Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sunny day at The Grove!

Very exhausting day today, but fun! Got up around 8 because I just felt the need to get up early! That's kind of unusual for me getting up that early. I got ready and headed over to West Hollywood. A few people were going to be at the Grove; Jessica Alba, Seal and Tori Spelling. I was so close to getting Jessica Alba's autograph! UGH! She came right over by me and was going to take my sharpie to sign my "Into The Blue" DVD, but the Grove security pulled her away! She was going to sign our stuff! Oh time! Jessica is ALWAYS out and about in Los Angeles! ALWAYS! You always see videos and photos of her out. Tori Spelling also arrived to an interview, we asked for autographs before she headed in but she said after. They always say after!! It's NEVER a good sign when they say after, you never know with these celebrities! They make stuff up all the time and it depends on their moods. The sun was SO HOT today! WOW! I was getting a tan out in that sun today! It's so weird because it's still winter and it was that HOT out today! I'm used to my Wisconsin weather! I rushed right over to Target for work at the Grove. I was at the Grove all morning!

Here's a few photos from today(: I love Los Angeles (:

Tori Spelling autograph(: Can't read it at all!

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