Monday, January 30, 2012


Well...well....well....slept in this morning because of my long day yesterday trying to get my iphone replaced! It felt great to sleep in! I love sleeping in, I'm NOT the type of person that gets up early all the time! I got up and headed out of the house to go to Starbucks(: I then called my work to ask them what time I work tomorrow because my phone broke and my schedule was in it. They then told me that I was suppose to come into work this morning! WHAT!? Both of their schedules said 2 different things again! I was so upset! I cannot believe this! Due to the lack of organization on Target's part I was marked a "No call no show!" Great. Nothing goes right all time thats for sure! I work tomorrow so I will have to get everything figured out.

After I found out that news about work, I ran over to Starbucks even faster because I needed some SHOTS, ASAP! I worked more on my blog and added a few more numbers to my phone because none of them saved so now I only have a few numbers. I wanted to start over anyways! I didn't talk to all those people in my phone anyways!

I couldn't miss the season Finale of Kourtney & Kim tonight! I tweeted like CRAZY during the episode! I love chatting with other Kardashian fans that I don't even know! The epiosde tonight was so intense, and sad! Wow! Kim Kardashian is such a strong woman for putting herself out there and letting the world see what her marriage was like. Many people will say that Kim's divorce was a publicity was NOT! Kim has everything! She owns every designer bag, shoes, clothing, she travels anywhere she wants, she has everything she could possibly ask for! I think that Kim did fall in love, but she went through it way to fast because of all the pressure from the WORLD & her family. Kim was thinking that she would be married & would have kids by now..... She see's Kourtney happy with Scott & Khloe happily married with Lamar. Kim just rushed through the whole process hoping she would be as happy as Khloe & Kourtney. But no matter what Kim is the strongest of them ALL! She put her WHOLE marriage out there for the world to see! Kim will always be my favorite Kardashian(:

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