Sunday, January 29, 2012

iphone is BACK! (:

What a day! I worked like 7 hours at Starbucks! I was there BRIGHT & EARLY at 8 AM! I'm getting much better at making drinks and a little faster at being able to handle a few drinks at the same time.

Right after work I headed over to a Verizon store in Burbank to see if they could replace my iphone for me. The only Verizon store that I know of is in West Hollywood an area that I am very familiar with but, the one in Burbank was much closer, I didn't even have to leave the valley!....Yeah that didn't work out! I got to Verizon and they told me that they are not able to touch my phone! They told me that I had to take it to an apple store! I wanted to SCREAM! I was so pissed off! Why can't they replace it there!? I ended up going to West Hollywood to the Apple store there at the Grove. I had to set up an appointment and come back 2 hours later..... I went to go get something to eat then went in a few of the stores there to waste some time. I met with one of the apple specialists and they took a look at my iphone. She even opened the phone up to check it out! I never told them that I dropped it, I just said it stopped working(: They replaced the phone free of charge, in 20 minutes! I was so EXCITED! I told her that I have felt NAKED without my iphone in my hands! Really though, I'm addicted to my phone, I need it at all times! I have been more than happy with the service that Apple offers. I mean when ever you have a problem with one of your Apple gadgets you just set up an appointment and they look at it with you!

I really couldn't wait to get home, I had such a LONG day! I was out for like 17 hours! I was pretty much falling asleep on the bus and subway on the way back to North Hollywood. I made it home around 10 PM and got ready for bed and passed out! I was so exhausted!

My OBSESSIVE; Tweeting, Blogging, facebooking and texting is back! I missed my iphone so MUCH! Even though my iphone was only gone for a day it felt like forever! 

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