Friday, January 27, 2012

DROPPED iphone!:(

Another relaxing day in Los Angeles! Slept in cause I stayed up late again! For some reason I have been getting my sisters and moms mail here in California!? How weird is that?! Why would they be sending it to me in California!? I keep getting everyones bank statements! I have a HUGE stack of their mail in my room!

I headed over to West Hollywood to go and relax at Starbucks. I felt like working on my blog too! I even made a collage of a bunch of my celebrity photo-ops! Its black and white, it actually looks pretty neat! I think I'm going to make a KARDASHIAN one next! I just need a few more Kardashian photo-ops! I'll even include photos of their DASH store that I went to, and Millions of Milkshakes where Kim Kardashian has her own drink! I'll start working on the collage soon! 

This is one of my favorite Starbucks that I like going to! The view from outside is of the Hills! I love it! This is the main Starbucks that I go to, to work on my blog!(:

I have a few photos to post, but my iphone isn't working right now, so I cannot upload them:( I'm taking it in tomorrow to get it fixed! I will let you guys know tomorrow how everything goes.

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