Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Another fun adventurous day out and about in Los Angeles with friends(: I got up and met friends in Hollywood. We headed over to West Hollywood to this place called, "Veggie Grill." They have ALL organic & soy things! I had a chicken sandwich (made out of soy) and it was delicious! YUM! I could've ate a few of them, OMG it was so good! The fries were great too! I will definitely be back! After our vegan meal in West Hollywood we headed to Studio City for organic ice cream! The ice cream was made with no dairy! It was pretty good! I had the Cinnamon Latte ice cream! I worked at 5 so I pretty much had the full day to do whatever. We jumped on the subway after the getting ice cream, and headed back to North Hollywood. The bus was PACKED again with school kids when I headed to work! UGH! Like millions of little kids!

I started work and maybe an hour into working one of my Starbucks co-workers ran over by me in the food Ave. area and said, "Celebrity Sighting!" I said, AHHHH.....WHO!? They said one of the girls in Hannah Montana is ordering coffee! I ran right over there, she ordered her drink and said that she was coming back. It was Emily Osment, Miley Cyrsus' best friend on the show! I was so exciting, she's so funny on "Hannah Montana!" She came back and I asked for a photo, and told her that I was a fan. She said something about her drink being really good. I asked what she was drinking and she said a, "Soy Chai Tea." One of my Co-workers took the photo because I really wanted it to actually turn out. She was so nice and more then happy to take a minute out of her time to take a photo. I asked her who her favorite Kardashian was.....she said, "The dog! If they had one!" HAHAHA! Yeah, she's NOT a fan of my Kardashians! I later looked Emily up on Twitter, and didn't realize she had so many Twitter followers! She has 1.5 MILLION! I right away tweeted her and sent her the photo I took with her.

Emily from Hannah Montana!
Michael Jackson's Gloves & shoes were placed in cement the other day in front of the Chinese Theatre!

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