Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Got up this morning and worked on my blog because I was behind a day because I was super tired last night! I had to post all about meeting Emily Otment from "Hannah Montana!" I really had no clue that Emily had so many fans! A few of the Emily fan sites shared my link. While I was working on my blog I got a phone call from Target asking me if I wanted to come in and work at Starbucks. First 4 hours I worked in Starbucks then the last 4 hours I worked in Food Ave. Work was fine today because I love changing area's in Target and not being in the same spot! While I was working I noticed yelling and screaming going on in the store. A woman was trying to run out of the store with this womans $5,000 in cash! This older lady had her money stolen from her pocket!....this older woman would NOT give up, and she would NOT let go of the woman that was stealing her money! This lady was FIERCE! The WHOLE store was watching this fight it was CRAZY! The cops eventually showed up to Target. This lady with a baby had something to do with the situation I think.....she was so STUPID! She kept bringing her baby into the middle of this fight! The baby eventually fell to the ground.....the baby was probably a few months old. Adults really don't think at all, bringing your child in the middle of this fight!?....you should NOT have kids! Parents really don't think....whats more important getting in the middle of this fight or the safety of your child? I just really don't understand people?....this is why I like my pets more then people!

Overall I had a great day. The weather was perfect today and I was working in Starbucks(: I now have to order photos for upcoming celebrity events(: There's a few celebrities that are flying in from London this week(: & I would love to have their autograph!

One of my friends met Kim Kardashian today in Beverly Hills.....I think this is her first time meeting her... not sure? But I love this photo!

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