Monday, July 16, 2012

I miss Chicago!

I have lived in the Midwest for 18 YEARS of my life, and I maybe have only been to Chicago twice. Chicago was maybe an hour away from Milwaukee, and it's actually very easy to get there on the train. I should have taken more advantage of living so close to Chicago. The times that I did go there I would shop, go see "the bean," go to all the candy shops and the best part!!....the popcorn store. I forgot the name, but they have all sorts of popcorn! I love Chicago, love the vibe and everything but the winters are just as bad as Milwaukee! I'm really not a fan of the snow or cold! I have to bundle up to the MAX!! The Hershey store they have in Chicago is HUGE too! I remember taking a photo with one of the BIG candy bars. 

One of my first Louis Vuitton purchases was actually in Chicago!! I bought a passport cover that I was saving up for. I love the designs of the Louis Vuitton travel accessories! If I ever win the lottery, I would most definitely buy out Louis Vuitton! Yes "LV" has very expensive items, but the quality is great and they will last a life time. And no Louis Vuitton isn't for everyone, some don't care for the 
"designer" things, and thats fine. (We all have our own likes and dislikes.)

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  1. I know we have some pictures together in Chicago that you could have added to this post! :)