Saturday, July 14, 2012

DASH store opening!

Yesterday was the opening of DASH LA on Melrose in West Hollywood! It was just suppose to be a day that the store opened with no events or any Kardashian's around... It turned out that a few special visitors stopped by DASH LA! The first to show up was Bruce! Inside the store Bruce greeted fans and took photos. Kris, Khloe, Kim and Kanye also showed up! Both Kim and Kanye showed up and parked on the street they were swarmed by fans and photographers before they even stepped out of the car! Kim was driving the black Rolls Royce. You couldn't see in the car at all! But you could see the steering wheel, and I saw her painted nails holding the wheel! I got as close as I could to the car door to greet Kim! I thought she just drove Kanye's car, but it turned out he was in the passenger seat! Kim stepped out and the madness began. I talked to Kim and said hiii. She was trying to pull Kanye near her as she made her way into the store. I asked Kim if she could sign my photo, and she said that she would sign it after. She looked gorgeous, like always and really happy! The paparazzi were so aggressive yesterday! They just kept snapping away and just walking back into people and not caring at all! (If you were in their path they would run you over!) This was my first time seeing Kanye and Kim together, I mean I have seen videos of them together in Paris but thats about it. Kim looked so happy about the crowd and all the people but Kanye just doesn't smile? It got so wild I actually ended up on Kanye West's hood of his car as they were walking away from it! It was that INSANE! I brought one of my friends along, I thought she might want to see what it's like with the Kardashians around! She told me that it was just like what she sees on "TMZ!" I was planning on going into the store to check it out but there was a line just to go in! I think I'll come back another day when I don't have to wait in a line. The Kardashians started leaving the store one at a time so it wasn't total crazyness! I once again was walking right next to Kimmie & Kanye as they walked to the car.

I had so much fun yesterday but it was INSANE!! TONS OF FANS & PAPARAZZI. I'm pretty sure the grand opening will be even a BIGGER turn out. It was cool to see Kim & Kanye together for the first time. Right after the opening I tweeted Khloe and she tweeted me right back! I love Khloe, she has the best personality. I checked the blogs today and did find videos and photos of me with Kim! Make sure to check back for the "HUGE GRAND OPENING" at the end of summer!
Found myself on TMZ! Love it! Kim, Kanye & Niko! 
 Walking to the car with Kim & Kanye! 
Kanye West received a parking ticket.
Kim was actually the one that parked that! 
Kim parked on the "red line," which is a no parking zone! Ohh Kimmie!! 
Mister West's 300,000 dollar car. 


  1. Wow! that is REALLY cool. I wanna go to LA and the first thing i'll do when i'll get there will be visit "dash"... i hope one day can meet the kardashian clan, I LOVE THEM. You're such a lucky guy :)

  2. Just keep me updated when you'll be visiting. Maybe if there's any Kardashian events going on I'll take you(: