Monday, July 9, 2012

Anna Paquin from TRUE BLOOD!

I had the weekend off! I worked like the last eight days in a row! I was practically exhausted!! I decided I was just going to relax all weekend....Until I found out about the "True Blood Wrap Party" in West Hollywood. I was pretty much just spending my day blogging at Starbucks in Beverly Hills. I was a little disappointed though because they ran out of bagels! I headed over to the "True Blood" event in West Hollywood. There were only a couple LA autographers(: At first there really weren't too many photographers but as the event was ending more showed up to get Anna Paquin leaving. Anna was SUPER sweet, for being pregnant! I mean she took photos, signed autographs, she was very nice. I was able to get a photo with her. People keep asking why isn't she looking at the camera!? It's because she was distracted by the photo of Kim Kardashian and I on the back of my iphone! I didn't have my camera with me so I had to use my phone.

Anna Paquin. True Blood.
Sam Trammell. True Blood.

I searched the blogs today and found these two paparazzi photos of me in the back! I love finding these kind of photos. We both of the same facial expression! 

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