Saturday, July 7, 2012

1 year living in LA!

One year ago today I was jumping on a plane to LAX! I was leaving my mom for the first time! Leaving my home town and moving to Los Angeles! I have been away from my family before, vacations, and school trips to other countries and states. But this was totally picking up my things and moving across the country, (did I mention moving with TWO suitcases! TWO!) I have so many collectables and things that I love but I couldn't bring nearly has much as I wanted to! Both my mom and I flew out to California a month before me moving out here to see my new home and to set up my room. We wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with my environment and felt safe in my neighborhood. One person that I really need to thank is my mom. My mom has been here for me during the WHOLE process of me moving to California! She has helped me make my dreams possible and come true! I mean she was the one who helped me find my place, traveled out here with me before I moved here, set up my room, and checked out my job with me here in California before I started work.

I am amazed that I have been living in Los Angeles for a year now! Time seriously flies!! I mean even at my job! I still feel like I'm kind of new at my work! When I told my co-workers that I have been working with them for a year they just couldn't believe it! I feel so comfortable around the people at my work, they make me feel at home(: I have made so many great friends, and found people out here that I can talk to about anything. One thing that I love is that I just don't have white friends, I have all different types of friends. I shouldn't say ALL but most people here in LA are very open to all types of people. Thats one thing I really like about this city, it's very diverse!

Now that I have been living here a year I have decided to start writing my FIRST book! I'm beyond excited! I'll be sharing all my California adventures and experiences in my book! Writing a book has been on my Bucket List and I'm going to make it happen! I need title suggestions though! Still trying to come up with a title!

My first time EVER stepping foot in Beverly Hills! 

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