Sunday, December 4, 2011


Riding the bus is fine, but I HATE when everyones like touching you and everyones like UP ON YOU! It's like don't drag your bag and all your stuff across me! Keep your things to your self! I hate when everyones belongings are touching me! It really bothers me! UGH! Keep your things to yourself!

Worked at STARBUCKS again! I LOVE making ALL those drinks! Work always goes by so fast in Starbucks because it's a lot of fun there. I had more training about the drinks and how to steam milk. Training at Starbucks is actually a really long process and there's a lot to learn! But I have mastered a lot of the cold beverages and I'm working on the hot ones. AHHH! And I got to wear the RED Starbucks apron today! I was so pumped and excited to wear it!!

After Starbucks a friend drove me home! I didn't have to wait in the cold for the bus! It was so chilly! It kind of feels weird driving in a car because I'm always riding the bus!

I LOVE the Chocolate chip cookies at Target! YUMM!

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