Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gaga in LA!

I headed over to an event on Sunset and Vine where Gaga was receiving an award. It was a little chilly out so I made sure to get some Starbucks before going there. I got there and the set up was horrible to meet the guests! UGH! We were like a mile away and there was a fence! NO PHOTO OPS for me! UGH! A lot of the Glee kids showed up, Fergie, Josh, Gaga,  and many more. Matt Bomber from "White Collin did come over by us and sign autographs. He was the only one to come by us! Then we all went to the back as soon as the awards started. Lady Gaga still was't there! We knew that she was going to be going through the back though. We ALL ran over to the back, they set up barricades so it wasn't to outta control! We saw Lady Gaga's 2 escalades arrive, everyone was screaming for her to roll down the window but she never did! UGH! We did see her get out of the car though. Nobody knew what way she was going to leave. We were all thinking the front...a lot of people ran over there! She was pulling out through the front....and people were going CRAZY! "GAGA!" HAHAHA. She rolled down her window but it got way to outta control. She rolled up the window and peoples pictures were getting rolled up in the window! People were going CRAZY! Someone was bleeding, people were screaming for Gaga, they then chased her across traffic to see if they could see her! It was NUTS! Lady Gaga looked like the bride of Frankenstein! She looked like she didn't know what was going on! So many camera flashes were going off and so many crazy fans were NUTS! I wouldn't roll down my window for all those crazy people!! NEVER!

Amber Heard
Matt Bomber from the show, "White Collar."

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