Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I worked so early in the morning, 7:45 am!! When I got out of work at 4:30, I headed over to Hollywood to the "New Years Eve" premiere! The cast was so big I HAD to go there! Pretty much everyone showed up to the premiere! No Sarah Jessica Parker though! :( You would think that she would come to at least ONE LA premiere since she's always in New York! I was most excited about seeing Zac Efron! I sure did see Zac he came right over by us and signed autographs! You said he was going to take a picture with me but it was so crazy I think he forgot! Zac is a pretty nice guy! I'll get my picture next time! Aston Kutcher also signed autographs down the WHOLE street! I think he was doing that because of all the Demi Moore drama! You KNOW his publicist told him to do it! A lot of the Glee cast arrived to the premiere too! I think they ALL came to support Lea Michelle! I did get into a few arguments with the people from Paris that were standing next to me! She's going to complain that I'm pushing her and tells the security that I'm pushing! i wasn't pushing but then I decided I was going to push her right out of my way! ;D Then she kept talking about me and my friends in French! Go ahead talk about me! "I LOVE MY HATERS!" :D They didn't even know who HALF of the stars were that were crossing the street! GO BACK TO PARIS! After everyone went into the premiere we went into the Disney store to organize our autographs and to stay warm. One of our friends went into the bathrooms.....and like a few minutes later fire trucks and ambulances showed up!...and rushed to one of the bathrooms! My heart dropped because I thought it was our friend! It wasn' was some guy who passed out from drugs or alcohol. We went back to the premiere and figured out where they were going to be leaving from. We saw all the Glee cast go to the after party. I got a picture with Darren Criss and got an autograph from Cory! The photo was a photo of me and him at the Glee premiere! He laughed then signed it! We didn't wait to much longer because it was starting to get cold out!
Darren Criss from Glee!

The picture Cory from Glee signed! He loved the photo!

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