Saturday, December 3, 2011


I actually didn't sleep through my alarms today, I got up at 8 and got ready for work. I started work at 10 at Target. I walked through the nursery on my way to the bus stop and GEEZE! A ton of trees and plants were all knocked over from this CRAZY & OUTTA control winds the other day! I mean if HUGE branches and trees are falling over, can you picture me out on the streets in the WIND STORM! I was seriously like blowing away!! I have NEVER seen CRAZY winds like this in Wisconsin! I worked an eight hour day which was good, because I need the hours! Target always over hires people during the holidays and then everyones hours go down! I was back and fourth from Starbucks to Food Ave. After work I headed out to the bus stop to go home. It was a little chilly outside tonight! BRRR! I HATE the cold! I'm sure you guys have heard me COMPLAIN at least once about the cold weather! I got on the bus and YUCK! The bus smelled like PEE! Why are busses always so GROSS! UGH! I couldn't wait to JUMP off that bus! I got home and received a package from my Gam Gam! I love getting things in the mail! She sent a bunch of snacks, a pair of my moccasins from back home and a mini camera for the events that I go to for photo ops with celebs(:

Look at Minnie & Trigger!! I love my dogs! :D Minnie's really trying to win this one!
Some of the snacks my Grandma sent me!

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