Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mudame Tussauds in Hollywood!

Another busy day in Hollywood! It was pretty nice out today and not so WINDY like it was the other day! It was so windy I really thought that I was going to BLOW away! I headed to Hollywood and got a drink from Starbucks and met some friends there. We headed over to a TV taping to see if we could meet Matthew Morrison from GLEE, Maggie Q and Robert Downey Jr. We had to do a lot of waiting....So me and a friend headed over to the "Mudame Tussauds" wax museum in Hollywood. It was the 250th Anniversary so it was only $2.50 to get in! We had to do it because it was so cheat! Normally to get into the museum it's like $25 dollars! It was pretty cool inside, with TONS of wax figures! I really wanted to take a picture with David Beckham and the Lady Gaga figure! The figures look so real!! Kim Kardashian's figure was once in the Hollywood museum, in her wedding dress! I guess the figure was shipped back to NY! Seriously....what are they going to do with that figure now!? I WANT it!

After being in the Hollywood Madame Tussauds for the first time, we headed back to where Robert Downey Jr. and the other TV guests were going to be. Maggie Q signed autographs for us but wouldn't take pictures because she said that her feet were hurting. Robert Downey gave us a wave but wouldn't come over by us! Matthew Morrison from Glee was super nice! He came right over by us after he was on the TV show. He signed autographs and took pictures! I asked him if he liked the Kardashians! He looked around and said, "Am I being recorded on video!" He didn't really say anything about them. I asked him who his favorite Kardashian is....He said that he really doesn't know anything about them and he doesn't watch the shows. How do you NEVER see even a glimpse of the shows! They have a ton of shows and there ALWAYS on! Haha. I'm always asking everyone my Kardashian question! He then asked me if I liked Kris! Matthew was so nice, it was great meeting him! I will post the picture when I have it uploaded!

Matthew Morrison talking to fans(:
GAGA at the Wax Museum!
Justin Timberlake.
The Roosevelt in Hollywood.
Hollywood(: My CITY!
Bailey would love this one!
I finally found MICHAEL JACKSON! 

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