Thursday, December 1, 2011


I started work at 10 am today and slept through TWO of my alarms! AHHH! I got up at 9! I have to take 2 busses to that's kind of a problem! Believe it or NOT I actually made it to work on time! I told everyone about almost getting to work late! I worked until 6 then headed to Downtown LA to the Grammy Nominations! Lady Gaga was going to be performing so I wanted to try and meet her and whoever else was there. So many people were waiting for Katy Perry and Lady Gaga to exit! We pretty much just saw Katy from a distance. Another character who left the Nokia was Nicki Minaj! WOW! What a character! She left in her PINK Bentley! She waved and said hi to everyone...and she actually drove herself! I was pretty shocked that she drove her self there! She stopped the car and called everyone over to "Touch her hand?!" Ummmm....Okay. I ran over there to take a video! It got pretty crazy, I just wanted to go over there and check it out! It got crazy! People were surrounding her car! After she left we spotted LL COOL J leaving the theatre. I ran over where he was on his golf cart, and got a quick picture with him while he was ZOOMING away! He actually took pictures with a bunch of people! He was a really nice guy!

We then started the search for GAGA! Lady Gaga was performing at the Grammy Museum right after being at the Nokia. So we headed over there to check things out and see what was going on. Nobody really knew where to wait or where she was coming out. We were circling the WHOLE AREA! Me and two other people were just kind of in the parking structure just looking around. We see two escalades drive up to the ticket booth to exit....sure was Lady Gaga! I really wasn't paying attention to the cars, then I looked at the passenger seat and MOTHER MONSTER was sitting there with her heels on the dash board looking at her phone! I kept saying...."no that's NOT Gaga....Is that really Gaga?" Right when I said...."that can't be Gaga?!"....she smirked...and had a little smile on her face! HOLY SHIT! I made Lady Gaga smile! I ran over by the passenger door. I said, "Hi Miss Gaga!" She didn't look up....but she had that smile on her face! It was so unreal! Was this really Lady Gaga right next to me!?....AND NO Little Monsters around!? I held up my picture that I wanted her to sign but she didn't look up at ALL! I'm still shocked that I was right NEXT to THE LADY GAGA! How CRAZY is that!? People go crazy over this woman and I was standing right next to her! It was totally awesome that she was riding shot gun and had her feet on the dash board!! It was the GREATEST feeling when I got Lady Gaga to smile, even though she wouldn't look up! WOW! AMAZING! Lady Gaga is a true ICON and really knows how to get my heart racing!...geeze!

YES! This is the car Nicki Minaj drives! A PINK Bentley! 

LL COOL J! What a nice guy!

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