Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking for GAGA!

Got up pretty early to go look for Lady Gaga in Downtown LA. We knew the hotel that she was staying at so we went there. Me & a friend took the subway to Downtown LA. It actually doesn't take that long to get there. I grabbed some Starbucks before the journey! We didn't really know all the details...but we did know that she was staying at this hotel. We went in the hotel and looked around to see if we could figure anything else out about Lady Gaga. We didn't see her security anywhere. We got something to eat at the Yard House...I forgot the name, I think that's what the place was called. I had really good pasta! YUM! I LOVE MY CARBS! MMMM! We didn't have luck finding Gaga, but we had fun! I couldn't stay much longer because I had to go to work:/ Oh time. I went to work and didn't have that much energy because all this looking around for Gaga business!!

Got a little bored at the I was taking a couple pictures of myself(:

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