Monday, November 28, 2011

Regis GO back to New York!

Got up early today because I needed to pick up photos from Costco. I ordered a TON of photos for the upcoming premiere "New Years Eve." I'm pretty excited to go to that premiere! I grabbed something to drink at Starbucks before I left the Loz Feliz area. I just wanted to relax before I was running around Hollywood. I talked to a few people on the phone while I was at Starbucks. I took the bus to Hollywood and some lady was talking to HERSELF the WHOLE bus ride! I wanted to scream! She was talking about how people know more about Gaga than god! She was saying how vulgar Gaga is and how she doesn't want to SEE Lady Gaga on any billboards. I started laughing out loud because she just kept going on about Lady Gaga. I made it to Hollywood and waited for a few friends to arrive. We waited outside a television taping to meet Regis Philbin, but that old man didn't come over by his fans! We chased that guy by his car, but he wouldn't roll down the window and sign autographs! The weather was perfect today while we were waiting! Sometimes it gets a little chilly here at night but it was nice and warm today. We ran into a lady who had 3 foot long nails!! I guess she is in the Guinness book of world records! I took a photo with her! I had to take a picture! I'll post the picture later, I don't have it right now.

After a lot of waiting in Hollywood today I headed home to North Hollywood. All my friends take the subway to Union Station and I go the North Hollywood way....UGH! :P As soon as I got home I turned my Kardashians on TV(:

AHHHH! Haha. My mom gave Minnie a Haircut! 

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