Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kourtney & Kim Take NY!

WHY must the bus NOT come so often on Sunday's?! Sunday is just another day of the week! Why do they not come as often as the other days of the week! I started work at noon I didn't go anywhere in the morning. I was out of the house by 11....I made it to work just on time! I only worked a few hours today. Right after work I headed to Hollywood for the Christmas Parade. I just wanted to check it out, and see if I could get any celebrity photo ops. I got a few pictures with people. I didn't stay to long at the parade because it was hard to see because so many people were there.

I went home and watched the premiere of "Kourtney & Kim take New York!" I love ALL their New York episodes! I was tweeting like CRAZY during the episode & I got Khloe to TWEET me! :D Khloe asked how I was doing! :D I gained a few more followers on twitter and started getting tweets from Kardashian fans! I love tweeting random Kardashian fans! The episode really showed ALL the disagreements that want on between Kim & Kris! I can't wait for next weeks #KKTNY episode!

Getting up early tomorrow to go pick up pictures for upcoming events that I'm going to. A ton of things are coming up & Lady Gaga is in town! I have a friend that LOVES her and has met like 15 times! Hopefully I'll get the chance to meet Gaga when she is in town! I would LOVE to get a picture with Gaga!

Tweet from MY Khloe Kardashian!(:
Me & Boo Boo Stewart from Twilight....STUPID iphone camera!
Tweet from Kathy Griffin's Assistant! I asked her if she taped the new Kourtney & Kim take New York episode! She's in Australia so she missed it!

Nicole Anderson

Ted Mcginley

Got another picture with Mark Ballas! :D

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