Saturday, November 26, 2011

Starbucks in NoHo!

I got up early to head to a Starbucks in North Hollywood to order pictures for an upcoming premiere that I'm going to. It's the New Year's Eve premiere, and so many stars are in the movie! Let's hope that most of them actually show up to the premiere! I really want Zac Efron, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashton Kutcher and Ryan Seacrest to show up! Ryan Seacrest is someone that really inspires me and I hope to become as successful as he is someday! I mean he has like 10 million jobs and is always busy! I would love to have that many jobs and manage ALL the Kardashian shows! Plus he has the whitest teeth! The cast of New Years Eve is HUGE, but we still don't know who all is going to show up to the premiere. Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert De Niro live in New York so we don't know if they will be in town.

I was taking the bus to Starbucks, I past my stop because I was talking on the phone. I just got off at the next stop, but the bus driver wouldn't open the back door! Some old guy behind me was yelling at the driver to open the door! He was YELLING! The bus driver was so old he wasn't paying attention and he couldn't even hear the "STOP REQUESTED" command. If you can't hear and are cranky like that you shouldn't be driving a bus. JUST SAYIN!

Worked at Target from 2PM until close in food ave. the freezer BROKE down so I had to take everything out and throw it out! I took the bus home after work and the bus driver ALMOST pasted me up! He tried ZOOMING right by me! UGH! I sure gave him the NIKO look as soon as I stepped on that bus!

This is my sample drink that a friend made me! (: 

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