Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday at Target

I was pretty excited that I didn't have to start SUPER early in the morning on Black Friday! I started work at 8am! Some people were at work since 11 last night! UGH! I would probably fall asleep if I was working over night! When I got to work at 8, I looked around and the store really wasn't a disaster. The electronics area was CRAZY though! SO many people in that area! I couldn't even make it to the front of the store without being asked 10 million questions about TV's & DVD players! I made it to the front by food ave. and started yawning! HAHA. They were upset because they were at work all night and I come in yawning! :D I told them, "I'm not a morning person!" They just about died because they have been at work ALL night!! HAHAHA! Work went by extremely fast...I went back in fourth from Food Ave and Starbucks! I love making those drinks at Starbucks! I'm actually getting better at knowing how to make the drinks and whats in them. I was given my OWN Starbucks aprons today! AHH! I was so excited! :D I'm such a Starbucks WHORE!....I just can't help it! Most of the shoppers today really weren't crabby!...can't believe it...your always going to have a few but not to many cranky shoppers! After work I bought a few of my favorite snacks for home. I'm in love with TUNA! It's so good! I can't help that I like cat food! :p I went to the bus and for the first time ever I didn't have to wait 10 million hours! My second bus came right away too! WOW! Had such a good day today!...I love not having to wait for the bus! I made it home around dinner time and had this really good spinach dip that I bought at Target. I was thinking about going to Starbucks before I went home to grab a coffee but I decided just to go home and get coffee tomorrow before work(:

 Target bought us JAMBA JUICE! 
Here's my NEW Starbucks aprons! I feel so special! 

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