Friday, December 9, 2011


I was able to sleep in today again because I was off of work! I love sleeping in! I was out of the house around 2 in the afternoon. I headed over to Nicky Hilton's jewelry Launch in West Hollywood on Sunset Blvd. I was the only person waiting to meet her! Some older guy showed up though! I've seen him at events before....and he just decided to come over by me and wait with me. I really don't think he even knew who he was waiting for! I didn't wait that long. Nicky arrived and I didn't even recognize her because she was so thin and tall! I went over by her and introduced my self and shook her hand. I said, "Hi Miss Hilton." I told her that I love all the Hilton's! I showed Nicky the photo of me & Paris, she loved it! I took a picture with her and the first one didn't turn out so I took another one. I have a few more Hilton's to go! (: Nicky was very nice and much more thin & tall then I thought she was!

Nicky Hilton!(: I love my Hiltons!

I ran over to the bus stop across the street because another event was going on down Sunset! I needed to get there fast! It was one of Angelina Jolie's premiere's! It was the premiere for the movie that she directed. I've never seen either Angelina or Brad. Angelina was just arriving when I got there. I saw her on the carpet and wow! Seeing Angelina Jolie in person for the first time ever! She waved to us fans. She said that she would come over and sign autographs later. we tried searching them down after the premiere in the parking structure but, we were kicked out by like 15 cops! They were everywhere in the area! We even left the parking structure and they were circling the area with flash lights! I thought I was living one of Angelina's movies!! It was CRAZY! We headed over to where the after party was held. There were barricades set up and a few people were waiting....a lot of the paps were waiting in the back of the building thinking they would go in the back. Sure enough an escalade pulled up and Angelina stepped out of the back seat! WOW! I just couldn't believe it! I really didn't think we were going to see Angelina that night! She signed autographs for everyone! We were on the opposite side of the dealers & photographers. We kept calling Angelina over and she came right over by us and said "Hi guys!" There were only 4 of us that wanted pictures! She came right over and took the photos herself. How awesome! Angelina Jolie took the photo of me & her!! AHHHHH! Brad came over by us too and took photos with us! Brad was very nice too! I told Angelina after we took the photo together that "I couldn't believe that she was standing right in front of me!" She smiled and laughed. What a night! Meeting Brangelina!!!!!! WOW! They are two of the most well known people in the world, and I got pictures with both of them! I love EVERYONE movie they are in. SALT is probably one of my favorites!

ANGELINA JOLIE! WOW! My heart dropped when she stepped out of that car!

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