Saturday, December 10, 2011

Meeting Miley Cyrus! ONE ON ONE!

Started work so early! 7:15 am in Starbucks! I had to get up at like 5! I am so NOT a morning person at all! I'm just cranky in the morning! (I think I got it from my mom!) Worked until 3 in the afternoon then headed over to The Giving Awards in Downtown LA. Miley Cyrus was suppose to be presenting an award so I HAD to go! 

Showed up to the awards a little before the guests started arriving. The event wasn't announced everywhere so many dealers/ fans didn't show up! The awards were also being pre-taped so I think many people got confused. One of the first guests to arrive was 50 cent! Haha. I didn't ask for a photo because I didn't want to risk getting kicked off the property. I wanted my photo with Miley Cyrus and I didn't want to risk NOT getting it with her. Leann Rimes, Colin Farrell and a few others walked the carpet. Miley didn't sign autographs or take photos on the way to the carpet. But it was funny...Miley's just like ALL of us! Her mom was putting on her make up in the car before stepping out, and Miley had a minor break out on her forehead. I was just happy to see that one of these stars is actually normal like us! A few of us fans watched Miley walk the carpet and being interviewed. We waited in this small area for her to see if she would come over and sign autographs. Miley asked her publicist if she had time and she came right over! Miley was extremely nice! I was just standing a few feet away from her while she was signing. I really wanted my picture not autograph this time. She didn't take any pictures going in:( I tried on the way out though! :) 

Colin Ferrell & Leann Rimes also walked the red carpet in style! They were also both very nice. Colin signed autographs before going on the carpet and took a photo with me. I got a photo with Leann Rimes while she was going into the building. They make her look much skinnier in the magazines! She's skinny, but not boney skinny! Everyone pretty much walked the carpet. They started to clean everything up. 

My friend Megan was on her way to meet Miley. I told her she better come fast! Megan already missed Miley going in! I finally found Megan in the area and told her where Miley was going to be picked up. Miley just presented the award then was leaving. We waited and Megan was telling me how her bus got a flat tire! As we were talking and just arrived back to the awards....Miley was walking out with her family! HOLY COW!...we just made it in time! If we were 2 minutes later we would've missed her!! Her mom and sister  was with her as well as a body guard. We called her name and the guard I guess tapped her to let her know we were approaching her. She was more than happy to sign an autograph and take a photo! The crazy thing was that it was just us waiting for her! NOBODY WAS AROUND!!?! How weird is that! She said that we had to hurry though because she was on her way to another event. Miley really doesn't smile in all of her pictures...I don't know why? We had to take a group photo because she had to get to the next event! Miley was like, "DOUBLE TEAM IT, DOUBLE TEAM IT!" Haha. oh Miley(: Very nice girl. To be honest I didn't think she was going to be that friendly, and she was VERY friendly but in a hurry! She headed to the Hello Kitty event after meeting me and my friend(: 

Me & Miley Cyrus! 
Colin Ferrell
Leann Rimes

Had an awesome night! Meeting Miley Cyrus one on one was something I NEVER thought would be possible!! WOW! How awesome! Discovered that Miley's just like us kids! Leann wasn't nearly as skinny as they make her look in all the tabloids! 

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