Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meeting Kylie Massey

Worked only a few hours today. I was able to sleep in though! I love being able to sleep in! When I'm running around to so many events and premieres it gets exhausting! I cleaned my room a little and then headed to work. I was working in Starbucks! I was making those drinks! I love working in Starbucks! After work I headed back to Hollywood and met a friend there. There was filming going on, on Hollywood Blvd, Ryan Gosling is in the movie. People were waiting for him to come out of the Chinese Theatre. We went to the "Rock of Youth Awards" in Hollywood. Miley Cyrus was suppose to be there but she didn't show up! UGH! I wanted to meet Miley! We did see a few people at the awards. A lot of the people that were nominated didn't even show up! No Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber!

Here's a few of the people that I met.

Kyle Massey! From "THATS SO RAVEN!" I love that show!
These are Demi Lovato's sisters! Dallas & Maddie. Dallas looks just like Demi! I guess Demi is on tour  and couldn't make it to the event.
Tyler Posey. He's from Teen Wolf.
Garret Backstrom.
Tiffany from the show "Nikita"
Dominique. She is on America's Next top model.

When I meet all these celebs I'm always asking them who their favorite kardashian is! Kyle Massey said his favorite Kardashian is Rob! Haha. He probably doesn't like the girls. I asked Dominique too and she said Khloe. She said she loves Khloe's personality. 

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