Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meeting Mister Jeffree Star

Another busy day in North Hollywood and Hollywood! I worked from 8am until 3:30pm. Right after work I headed to Hollywood! I was meeting friends there, so we go head to an event together. We found out about 2 or 3 celebrity events that were going on. The first event we went to, we found out that Paris Hilton was suppose to attend. We checked out an event for "Op" but nothing was going on there so we went back to the Paris Hilton event. The Housewives of Beverly Hills were all there on the carpet. Will. i. am also showed up to the event. Let me tell you something about him! He is NOT that nice! He stepped out of his car and my friend asked to take a photo with him....and he ignored her and kept walking! WHO DOES THAT!? If he has time to be photographed on the carpet, he has time to take ONE photo with a fan! We waited a while for Paris to show up....but it was taking forever, so we went back to the other event. We missed Paris by 30 seconds!! UGH! I was so upset!...I wanted to see my Paris Hilton again! I'll just have to find her again!(: We headed down Sunset to a restaurant/bar Jeffree Star was at. We found out through Twitter where he was. We got in and found Jeffree and just talked to him. He was a lot more laid back then I thought he was going to be. Right when I came over by him he wasted to know if I wanted to take a picture with him. He also told us that his new album was coming out on Valentines day...and he hasn't even announced it to the world yet! His car was parked outside and his plate read...."Mr. Diva!" After all this excitement we got something to eat at Jack in the box! I've NEVER been to a Jack in the box before! I was so excited and I loved my grilled cheese and fries! Ran into many weirdos there...ugh. You cannot go anywhere without running into creeps in Los Angeles! My friends dropped me off by the subway after and I headed home. I have to leave Hollywood before Midnight because the subway doesn't run 24 hours! :( I wish it did! I need to start looking for a place closer to Hollywood! Hollywood is my place! I spend 90% of my time in Hollywood...I'm only in North Hollywood if I'm working!

Jeffree Star has inspired me to NOT worry about what others think about you!

Jeffree's car!

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