Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Couldn't SURVIVE without BLOGGING!

I love blogging way to much to NOT do it! I've missed out on so much! I should have been blogging a long time ago! I love posting updates about what's going on in my life and all my new daily adventures in California! Someone in Wisconsin gave me this great idea to blog about all my California adventures....and I've been doing it ever since! Now I just need someone IMPORTANT to notice my blog! Who knows?!...maybe I could make a living off blogging! I need to get it known! Maybe KRIS JENNER can help me out!

I headed to West Hollywood to get a wristband for "Kris Jenner's" book signing. I didn't get up super early, but made it there pretty early to be in the "A" group! I bought her book the other day and still haven't had a chance to start reading it because I have been so busy! Like CRAZY BUSY! My days are JAM PACKED with events! AHH! But I do love staying busy! The signing is tonight at 7PM. I know that a lot of people either "LOVE" the Kardashian's or "HATE" them.  I understand that many people are frustrated with Kim's wedding ordeal....but it didn't work out...life goes on. The Kardashian's do a lot more than you think! They own/ manage their shops, design jewelry, design clothes, make MANY appearances, book signings on the East coast/ West coast, make fragrances, they go to many charity events, Khloe has even attended a drag show, and was there to judge the BEST Khloe Kardashian "Look- a -like!" ALL of the Kardashian's are also very busy with the many television shows that they appear on! (Keeping Up with the Kardashian's, Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Kim has also been working on a role in Tyler Perry's new movie. My Kardashian's have also been busy with the last two books that they have came out with! "Kardashian Konfidential" & "Doll House." I have met a few of the Kasrdashian's and EVERYONE that I have met was so nice! I do have to say I have a favorite!....KIM! When I met Kim it was the day after my birthday and she wished me a happy birthday, signed two things for me and even took a picture with me. My first picture didn't turn out so we took another one together! And let me tell you, Kim looks just as gorgeous in person as she does on TV! Khloe was also very nice to meet. I have seen Khloe four times now! She's starting to remember me! I even quiz her every time I see her asking her "what's my name!?" Haha. She even remembers the places where I met her! Khloe is super sweet to her fans and takes the time to visit with them. The time she was at the Grove she took pictures with pretty much everyone! And it was chaos! I've met Rob a few times, because he is on DWTS and I know where they practice. Rob is also always nice! And geeze! Rob Kardash even has a BIG butt! All those Kardashian's do...and I thought it was just KIM! Haha. I also just met Kris Jenner at the Grove when she was on EXTRA for an interview. I really didn't have a ton of time to talk because it was when she was leaving the Grove. But, I did get a quick picture and an autograph!

I headed to the Grove around 5PM. I was pretty excited to see Kris Jenner again! Kris Jenner was having her book signing at The Grove at Barnes & Noble. I went by myself and met some new friends(: We ALL talked about the Kardashians! We were pretty close to the front of the line....it wasn't to crazy. Kris Jenner arrived and said hi to everyone and told us that Rob made it to the finals on DWTS! To be honest I never thought Rob would make it that far! But he did! The line was going by pretty fast....I was so excited to talk to Kris again! I went right up to Kris and said, "Hello Miss Momanger!" She laughed. I called her my LA mom! I said that my real mom is in Wisconsin and I wanted to know if she would be my LA mom. She said that she would LOVE to be my LA mom! I also told her to let Kim know that we all love her. I told her that I was upset that Kim won't be at the signing on Friday! How upsetting! Right before I was done talking to her I almost said Kim's my favorite Kardashian! But, I caught myself! Haha. For some reason I always have to let everyone know that KIM is my favorite Kardash! Had a fun time at the signing...a few of the people that I met will be at the signing on Friday! I'll be there! (:

My NEW LA friend Gloriaaaaaa!
 Meeting Kris Jenner!

 My LA mom(:

I ran across a few pictures on Kim's blog...of their new store that opened in Vegas. 
"Kardashian Khaos!"

 While I was waiting to meet Kris I ran across this book! Ohh HELP US! I just might have to go to her signing so I can actually get a picture with her!! SERIOUSLY! 

Kris loved this picture of us(: She signed it for me!(:

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