Monday, November 14, 2011

I NEVER can relax!(:

I was planning on going to Breaking Dawn this morning but I was WAY to tired! I have been extremely busy!! I'm always running around Hollywood! I decided to sleep in, and I slept until 1 in the afternoon! It felt so good to just sleep in and relax! When I got up I watched the Kardashian's until I was ready to leave the house. I still wanted to go check out the Twilight premiere to see what was going on....but I decided not to. I was planning on going to Starbucks to just relax and work on my blog. It turned out that I headed to Hollywood and was planning on meeting Sarah Michelle Geller from (Buffy) THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN! Why!? Because Sarah is a BITCH! She just hates life and people!! Sarah totally ignored ALL of her fans that were waiting for her outside of a TV studio that she was appearing on! Sarah ignored us on the way in and the way out! And that BITCH had the nerve to drive right by us in her town car that she was being driven in! She didn't give a wave or a smile, NOTHING! At least Snooki smiles and says HI! Seriously....Sarah is probably the worst celeb I have EVER seen! I left and went over to another event at the Chinese theatre in Hollywood. The event was for a book launch, it had to do with a charity event for cancer. I ran into a few celebs while waiting outside. The thing that irritated me the most though was how these celebs walked the red carpet and showed up and left? What kind of charity event is that? Way to just come and leave! Caring about cancer my ass!! Most of the celebs stayed but some left soon including guests. After hanging around there for a little I headed home to my WARM bed!(:

Here's some of my celeb pictures I got today.

 David Arquette.
 Tristan from DWTS!
 Nicole from the Pussycat dolls
Josh Duhamel! Josh was so nice! He's pretty laid back! He forgot to zip his zipper before going into the event!

I found these 2 photos on GETTY images! HAHA! How awesome is this! I didn't get a picture with Robin Williams but Im in a picture with him!

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