Sunday, November 13, 2011

I NEVER can get enough KARDASHIANS!

Another PREMIERE! So many events and premieres I can't catch a break! I love going to all these things, I like having my days jam packed with events! I headed to "Happy Feet Two" premiere in Hollywood. It was a pretty big set up. The WHOLE street was closed! They started setting up for the premiere last night! I think one of the first people to get there was Robin William's. Robin came right over by us! He signed a ton! Pink also showed up but only signed a few things. After waiting for the arrives we headed by the theatre to see if they had any extra tickets. They had no extra tickets! :( I really wanted to see the movie too! After the premiere I headed to The Grove with someone. They had a mini concert and the Grove is filled with Christmas stuff! After the Grove I went to Starbucks to just relax....that didn't last long! I went on twitter and found out about an award show in Hollywood! I headed right there after I figured out the location! They were the "Hollywood Style awards," Kendall Jenner was receiving the award. Khloe Kardashian was presenting the award. Many guests showed up....Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, Eva Longoria, Kristen Davis, Chloe Mortez and a few others. I was able to get a few photos with some of them. Khloe said that she would take one with me on the way out but never did! I WILL be letting her know that she didn't at her book signing this week!! Kris Jenner has her book signing this week too!

You guys have to check out a few of the picture that I got today!

 Kylie Jenner.
 Chloe from KICKASS!
 Kristin Davis.
 Rose McGowan from "Charmed"
 Happy Feet Two premiere. 

Marcia Gay Hardin.

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