Sunday, November 13, 2011

LA premiere of "The Muppets"

I got to this premiere pretty early because many stars are in the movie and I wanted a good spot to get autographs. It turned out that only a few of the cast members showed up! How horrible! So many people are in the movie too! It was such a horrible premiere! I've been waiting for this premiere too! UGH!...oh well. Many people were disappointed because nobody showed up! Waiting all day and nobody shows up!! Amy Adams did show up though and came right over by her fans! I LOVE Amy she was so nice to the fans! I got one autograph from her. The after party was held across the street. So right after the premiere a few of the cast members walked right across the street. Jack Black was also at the premiere but he didn't sign any autographs. I tried to get in to see the movie but they said they were all out of tickets! BULLSHIT! I don't EVER believe that when they say that! These theatre's are HUGE! I waited after the movie to see if I could meet a few of the other people in the movie. I said "Hi" to Amy Adams as she was going to the after party. I really thought this premiere was going to be a better turn out! I was pretty disappointed!

I love all the posters they post all over LA.

Everyone was going CRAZY for "Kermit!"

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