Thursday, November 17, 2011

Purchasing KARDASHIAN's new book

Always running around!....I swear! I headed to the Grove to pick up the Kardashian's new book called "Dollhouse." The fans actually picked the name for the book! I needed the book before the signing tomorrow so I can get there early to get a wristband! I have a feeling people will be there super early waiting outside! The Kardashian fans don't mess around! They ALL want to meet their KARDASHIANS! Going to the signing yesterday was so much fun!...I love meeting new people! I went and got the book at Barnes and Noble at the Grove. It took forever to get there!...and it's not even that far! UGH! I wish I lived in Hollywood! I headed back to the Subway to go to was already time for work...because I was doing so much traveling throughout the day! :p I went to work and got BREADSTICKS! YUM! I love those carbs! Work was fine I was in the food area today.

I was talking to a friend today....about the salary of athletes. Boy do I love arguing with people about this!  Athletes should NOT be getting paid that much! be honest they shouldn't be getting paid anything!...Because it's a GAME! It's really crazy how you have them making MILLIONS!....and people that are saving the world are NOT getting paid nearly as much! POLICE OFFICERS/FIREMEN/TEACHERS should be getting paid MUCH MORE! It's absolutely ridiculous! I just don't understand!? People that are saving/changing the world are getting paid LESS! I know you guys are thinking that I'm a little FAME WHORE and like all my celebs/ reality TV shows. And your right I do love all those shows and Kim Kardashian. But NONE of these people should be getting paid this much to make appearances and be photographed! I went celeb hunting at a cancer event the other day....and A-Listers showed up and left!! They just make an appearance and are photographed and then just RUN OUT! How SICK is that! AND A CANCER event!! REALLY!? I get so upset about this!

All I have to say is people that are changing the world and making a difference should be making the money!

The Kardashian signing is tomorrow...I'll be giving you the FULL report tomorrow! I really wish Kim was going to be there though! :(

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