Monday, November 7, 2011


I have been having problems with sleeping through my alarms! GEEZE! I did it again today! I needed to be somewhere early to meet Taylor Lautner. I hate when I just sleep through my alarms and ignore them! I was in Hollywood around 9 am. I had to get some Starbucks because it was early and I needed my coffee! I just hung out with friends while we were waiting for Taylor. I went to the grove to meet Kris Jenner. Kris was filming for EXTRA. I had to go and get a picture with her and an autograph! So I go to the Grove. I was harassed right when I got there about "checking in" if I was going to be taking pictures! I said, "NO I'm just a fan!" They were talking about me in the ear pieces! GEEZE! They really need to learn to leave the red heads alone! They were talking about an "autographer." (me) Really? I can't go get autographs from people!?! The security guy comes over by me and says, "one autograph and you have to use black! NO BLUE or we will take it away!" OKAY MOM! DAMN! REALLY!?! I can never go to the Grove without being harassed by security! I didn't even want to argue! I waited until Kris was done being interviewed and got my autograph and picture with her. Kris was very nice and was glad to sign my picture. The picture was of her and Kim and I already got Kim to sign it. I also took a picture with her, and NOBODY else got a picture! As soon as she was done talking to me she ran out! She just waved and said bye to the fans. I hurried back to Hollywood and couldn't wait to tell everyone about my "EXPERIENCE" at the Grove! I love telling stories, I really want to write a book! Writing a book is on my bucket list! It was finally going into the evening.....and Taylor was arriving soon for the television taping. Taylor waved on the way in and came over by ALL the fans on the way out! He's great to his fans! WOW! I was being smushed to death by all the stupid autograph dealers! UGH! People were swearing yelling, jumping on people! All these events I go to are crazy! I got a total of 5 autographs! I ran to another area where he was signing, and boy did I run fast to get there! I haven't ran that fast EVER! I was out of breath the time I got to another spot Taylor was signing! We took a picture together and he showed those shiny white teeth! What an awesome day! I still need Kristin! One more to go!



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