Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stop hitting on me!!

I woke up for work this morning around 7:30 am. I started work at 9 and I just wanted to sleep in! But I got up and headed to work. It took 54 minutes to get to work today on the bus! UGH! That just kind of irritates me! I'm only a few miles away from Target! It should not take almost an hour to get there! I got to work just on time, I was working in Starbucks today! I love making those drinks! :D SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS! I sure do love my expresso shots! I'm slowly learning how to make the drinks! I now know how to make a few more drinks, but lets hope that I actually remember how to make them! TWO men were hitting on me today! Like older men! It's like really!? Can I get through one day in LA without being hit on by people!! I'm eating my bread sticks & some random dude comes and sits at my table! I wanna eat my bread sticks in peace! I left work around 3 and headed to West Hollywood to go and get a haircut. I have no clue where ANY hair cut places are in North Hollywood! I only get my hair cut in West Hollywood. The weather was perfect this afternoon! Sometimes it gets freezing at night, but not today. I was going to go and see Nancy Grace again but I just wanted to go home. I've been out and about everyday! I'll be up early tomorrow too! Busy day working today but the time went by fast because it was pretty busy!

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