Wednesday, November 9, 2011


AHHHH! Headed to where David Beckham was going to be practicing. David plays for the LA Galaxy. I knew I was going to see David but it didn't mean that I was going to be able to chat with him or get a picture. But I managed to do both! As soon as I saw David show up to practice I went over by him and asked to take a photo with him. We took a picture together then I asked him if he could sign my picture. The picture was from one of his Armani ads! I was so excited to get the picture signed! David personalized the picture to me and wrote, "Love David Beckham." How awesome is that!? The Beckham's were on my top list of people to meet and it happened! Next is Victoria! I really want to meet her too! David was so nice I'm so glad that I wasn't disappointed! I was the ONLY person to get an autograph, I told David that we should just stay away from the dealers! I also asked him how his baby "Harper" was doing. What a great morning I had! :D I still can't stop smiling! I headed back on the subway to Hollywood. One of the subways broke down so I had to wait much longer for the next train to arrive! It took at least 40 minutes for it to come! HOW STUPID! I made it to Hollywood, I ran into the Disney store so I could change for work. I went to North Hollywood and made it to work on time. I thought I was going to be late because the bus driver was driving so SLOW! SLAM ON THE GAS! GEEZE! UGH! After work I headed home and passed up my stop because I was tweeting and wasn't paying attention! I noticed 3 bus stops later that I passed my street! Who does that!? Haha. I had such a long day! I'm so exhausted! I'm heading to bed right now! Bye guys! Night!

The photo that Mr. Beckham personalized for me!

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