Friday, November 11, 2011

I was ROBBED in Beverly Hills!

Got up early for work. I slept in as late as I could because I have been so busy lately! LIKE CRAZY BUSY! Work was fine, worked at Starbucks. After work I headed over to Costco to pick up my pictures that I print for the premieres that I go to. I was just going to go and pick up my pictures and head home. But it turned out that my friend Katie called me and she wanted to hang out. We decided to go Celeb stalking! My friend knew of a few places that people were going to be at. We headed to a restaurant in West Hollywood and then to the "Nylon" magazine party in Beverly Hills. The party was hosted by Kellan Lutz because he is on the newest "Nylon" magazine cover. We thought that it would be fun to check it out. We went over there and we were the ONLY fans there waiting for the celebs to arrive and leave. They had a small little carpet set up to be photographed. We waited a while for Kellan to leave the party but he never left. So...we decided to sneak in the back of the party! We went right in the back door! We had such a hard time finding Kellan! We spotted a few people in there that we knew! Jenny Mccarthy was so drunk she wouldn't take a picture with us. We went out of the party through the front. Waited a little Kellan! I spotted someone in there that looked like him....but wasn't sure because he looked so different! We went back through the back alley entrance again....but was questioned this time for going in. My friend told them, "We are with media & Entertainment." They let us right in! How easy was that! We found Kellan he was way in the front kind of in the outside area surrounded by people! We approached him and just started talking to him. He's such a nice guy! We talked to Kellan for at least 10 minutes! We asked him a few things about Twilight, "Tent city" in Downtown LA for the breaking dawn premiere. He hasn't been in town to promote things because he has been out of the country, so he wasn't on any of the Talk shows. He did have an interview at the Grove though. Kellan was interviewed in a magazine about liking gays and gays being attracted to him. I asked him if it was true that he really loves his gay fans?" He said of course!, he loves them! He also said that he would rather live with gay people instead of straight people because they are MUCH cleaner! We then both took pictures with Kellan. My friend even had Kellan talk to her friend on the phone! He seriously just totally hung out with us! Kellan is awesome!...more celebs need to act like him! After we were done talking to him we headed out of the party and waited outside to see if we could spot anyone else. We saw Lance Bass, Jenny Mccarthy, Kellan Lutz, the kid from "Boy meets world," Paris Hilton's best friend, Kim Kardashian's old best friend, and a few of the DWTS cast members. Everyone we met was so nice! We left the event and waited for the bus stop at the corner. Two black males were waiting next to us. They asked us, "If we knew what time the bus was coming?" We said we had no clue. My friend asked if they were from around here. They said, "they were visiting someone in the Hospital, and that they are from LA." UMMM. the last time I checked we are in LA!! IDIOTS! Like 5 seconds later the kid next to me grabbed my phone so fast I couldn't even react! They ran right to their car that was around the corner still running with the doors open! They planned this WHOLE act out! I was literally on twitter when my iphone was snatched from me! WTF!? Who does that! I said a few nice words to them and they were gone! Our Paparazzi friend arrived like 10 seconds after it happened!....He would have chased them! We jumped in his car and started chasing them! But we really couldn't see where they went. Verizon's network was down so I was unable to deactivate the phone! I called my Grandma to let her know what happened so she could take care of the situation because I didn't have a phone! As soon as I woke up in the morning my iphone was deactivated thanks to my Grama! GO GRAMA! She knows whats up! So they are unable to use my phone!...How dumb of those kids! hahaha! A NEW iphone is being mailed to me(: Im dying...I can't survive without my phone! Who would have thought people STEAL in Beverly Hills!! NOT ME! Made it home same. I had to take a taxi home because the subway doesn't run 24 hours! UGH!

Still had a great night!...Met Mister Kellan Lutz! Check out some pictures below!

Kim's EX-Best Friend
 Tony from DWTS
 Alison (Paris Hilton's Best friend)
 Mr. Kellan Lutz.
 Ran into Lance Bass.
 Mister Kellan Lutz again. 
 Kellan on the carpet. 
 Jenny Mccarthy.
NYLON's November issue with Kellan on the cover. (I took the magazine from the party!) 


  1. Niko, you are so calm and collected. You just wrote about your wonderful day and looked at all the positive things instead of focusing on your phone being stolen! You are completely awesome, wish I could be more like you! Glad that all they did was take your phone and not hurt you or take anything else. Still a bad end to a wonderful day of meeting stars though.

  2. i try and stay positive! Because I used to be so negative!! LIKE ALL THE TIME! But I did meet Kellan, so my night was complete!