Monday, November 7, 2011


Went to the "Jack & Jill" Premiere and showed up like 10 million hours early! I thought it was a morning event so I was in Westwood super early in the morning! I was like the first one there! It was raining, the weather was horrible! Then when I got there I found out that the premiere wasn't happening until at night! I was so upset! So i waited all day! I wanted to meet Katie Holmes! The wait paid off because I was able to meet Katie! I asked her if she could sign my new magazine that she was on…She was more then happy to! She was like, "sure!" I like how she just takes her time when she signs autographs! I love it! Katie Holmes really looks great! I don't know why she looks so horrible in all the magazines! But in person she looks awesome! I was so excited to meet Katie! We were hoping that Tom Cruise was going to show up but he didn't come. I'm kind of glad that he didn't come because I didn't have anything for him to sign! Adam Sandler, Al Pacino, TroyVern from (Austin Powers,) and a few other guests arrived! It was a pretty celeb filled premiere! As soon as Al Pacino went into the theatre they knew that he was going to go out the back so we went to go and check. Sure enough Al went out the back door! He was mobbed by people and went right into his car. He actually rolled down his window for ALL those crazy people! I recorded it all on my iphone! People were beeping in the alley for us to move out of the way! Then we went back to the front to try and get Adam Sandler going in. Adam came right over and I got him again! I was like Adam you forgot about me! One more autograph!! I got him! He was like, "okay, one more!" Yay Adam! Your awesome! What an awesome premiere, a bunch of people showed up! I was so happy that I was able to meet Katie Holmes! I wanted KATIE! I was going to tell Katie that, "the Kardashians don't run LA…..Lindsay Lohan doesn't run LA…..SURI runs LA!" Seriously though that little Suri does whatever she wants! Suri is high maintenance and knows her designer bags! Stayed after the premiere to see if I could get anyone else. Headed back to Hollywood and went to a secret screening with someone. The theatre was filled with a few celebs so I was searching everywhere! I managed to find Joel Mchale from "The Soup!" He was awesome! I asked him what he thought of Kim Kardashian's wedding, and told him that it's crazy that they only lasted 72 days! He said, "How sad," and that maybe she's really not that nice!" Joel was great, I took a picture with him after the movie, but the flash didn't go off so the picture didn't turn out! :( I guess next time! It was my first time being in the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood! WOW! It sure does look amazing in there! It's like old Hollywood!(: I HAVE to go back! 

People MOBBING Al Picnio!! 

Chinese Theatre.

Bailey's working on a book about me? I'm really not sure, but she texted me this.
Inside the Chinese Theatre.

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