Monday, November 7, 2011

Celebs coming in Target!

I tried sleeping in again today but I had to work in the morning. I was out of the house in an hour for work. I made it to work and showed one of my favorite Co-workers the picture with me and Robert Pattinson! She was in LOVE with the picture! I was working at Starbucks at Target and Jon Cryer from Two and a half men came in. I was so excited! Jon came over to Starbucks and ordered a drink for both him and his son. Jon is so nice and laid back. I asked him how he was doing and told him that I went to his Star ceremony in Hollywood. He was like awesome! He said that it was a lot of fun there! I like that I was actually one on one with him just talking! I didn't even want an autograph or a picture! I just wanted to talk! It was totally awesome! Celebs coming in where I work!? How awesome! My mom loves Two and a half men, so I had to tell my mom all about it! I didn't do that much because more events tomorrow! 

Jon Cryer. (Still can't believe that he came into my Target!)

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