Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steamed MILK!

What a day! Had morning training at Starbucks. I love taming there. Okay so I was steaming milk.... I kind of just got there and started helping him make drinks. I really didn't know what I was doing! Okay back to the steaming milk. There's a wand thing that you stick in the cup of milk to steam it. I was steaming the milk & when I was finished I just took it out from under the wand without thinking! I forgot to turn the steamer off!! Steamed milk flew everywhere!!!! I was like "MILK!" the lady who's drink I was attempting to make started laughing! It was pretty funny! Now I'll never forget that I have to turn the steamer off before removing the milk! I've been learning a lot though...I now know how to make a few drinks and how to run the register a little. I'll get better over time. All the people in the food Ave. area love messing with me cause I left their area! They always say "greens not your color!" how ruuuuude! Starbucks does a lot of training! Its not just being taught how to make drinks and run the place! You sample coffee, you have to be able to describe it to customers. You so have to be observed after you've been trained for a while. There is much more training then I thought there would be! I got out of work at around 10. First bus never came so I just walked to the second bus and I missed that one. I still don't understand how the latest bus comes at 10:40?!?! How stupid! That's NOt even late! Some people leave work later then that! Got home went on Facebook and checked all my twitter updates.
Work in the morning more training.

& heading to a premiere in West LA.

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