Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Running me over!! UGH!

Today was my first day working at Starbucks at the Target that I work at! I now know how to cashier, food ave. and now Starbucks! Working today at Starbucks was a pretty interesting experience! Boy was it busy! So many drinks and labels to write on the cups and ALL these complicated drinks! WOW! It was fun though! Time went by pretty fast too! I also got to sample a few coffee's. We had to sample them so were able to share with customers what they taste like. They were ALL straight up coffee!! YUCK! Eh! It was really hard to describe the taste of the drink because they all tasted horrible! I think I tried like 4 different kinds and really didn't like any of them! Training at Starbucks is actually pretty hardcore! I had to watch many videos, sample drinks, and I have this WHOLE packet I have to finish for training hours! I'm training again tomorrow for another 8 hours(: 

On the way to work today some lady brought her whole frecking closet on the bus! She had this rolling bag and she was running over everyone with it! I was like really!? Geez! Her bag got stuck on my pants and she kept pulling her bag harder and she knew it was stuck on my pants!!! I was like "EXCUSE YOU! This is a ZOO!" I was so angry! You don't just roll your bag on the bus and run everyone over! Pick your bag up you crazy lady!! UGH! That woman should NOT be aloud to ride the bus!!!!

Salted Carmel Mocha Frapp!

Look at these Hello Kitty Sushi Rolls! Thats awesome! 

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