Monday, October 10, 2011

Meeting Paula Abdul(:

Headed over to the Target in West Hollywood today to find a black polo for Starbucks tomorrow. They had NO black polos!? The lady suggested that I could check in the little boy section and I would probably fit in an XL. They had no polos over there either. As I was leaving Target this man was talking on the phone and he started yelling at this Indian man on the phone and calling him the "C" word! That word is HORRIBLE & should NEVER be used! That word is NASTY! The guy was getting so ROWDY & OUT of control! I brought this really delicious protein drink with me on the go today! & boy was it good! It's called "protein plus." It has oranges, carrots, mangos, apples, and bananas in it. I thought because I don't consume enough protein because I don't eat meat I should probably just start drinking these. It pretty much just tastes like a mango smoothie with a hint of carrots. I headed back to Hollywood to find a black polo for work tomorrow. I checked American Eagle and they had none, but I found one at the GAP. I then went to try and take care of my bus pass situation. The guy was so confused and didn't help me out at all! So I ended up paying another $80 dollars for my monthly bus pass! What a horrible situation! But I tried and there's nothing I can do about it, so I just have to let it go! :( I headed over to a TV taping in Hollywood & waited outside for Paula Abdul to arrive! She arrived and didn't come over by us on the way in, but she did say that she will come over on the way out(: She sure did! She's awesome to her fans! I was the second person to meet her! She signed my picture and personalized it to me. I then asked for a picture with her....we took a picture together. She's much shorter then I thought she was. When she was signing my picture I asked her "who her favorite kardashian is?' Paula replied by saying, "I've known them since they were very young, I like them all!" As I was posing for the picture with her she called me a "cutie," and asked "How old I was?" The Paula Abdul called me a CUTIE! You guys definitely  should be JEALOUS! :D She was awesome! We then waited for everyone to meet her, and waited until she started walking out and to her car. So we slowly started leaving, and were kind of walking near Paula. I heard the security guy announce in his little ear piece, "There are a few people approaching Paula!' Really dude!?! Were NOT aloud to walk down an alley without being talked about!? I looked at him and told him, "were leaving! Were NOT going after her, calm down!" What a FREAK on the loose he was! Like seriously!? How ridiculous! That guy really needs help! I can't even deal with him right now! I'm going to do the same thing next time! :p That guy is over CONCERNED! I headed out and went back home to North Hollywood. Starting working at Starbucks tomorrow! I'm pretty excited! I can't wait! Wish me luck guys!

THE Paula Abdul!(:

This is the picture that she personalized for me!

Paula Signing autographs & personalizing!

My BUNNIE! back at home in Wisconsin has been going to the bathroom in the house! Everyone was worried because she is getting pretty old....but she still acts young. My mom took her to the vet......$423.00 later....The doctor said that Bunnie's going to the bathroom in the house is behavioral issues and not medical. Should of known! Bunnie is a little rascal! She might miss me or everyone at home isn't giving her the attention that she deserves!! 
Do you guys like her pink collar? :) 
I LOVE you Bunnie! Your my favorite! I LOVE you more then Kim K!

This is the Protein plus drink that I drank this morning! It's very good! You guys have to try it! 

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