Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kim's FairyTale Wedding.

I had to be to work by 8am this morning! Sunday' first bus I have to take comes at 7:20! So I had to just walk to work or I would've been late! I got up at 5am, and was out of the house by 6am! Don't you guys just love mornings! UGH! Really though who wants to get up at that kind of time and walk to work!  I made it to work pretty early... Work always goes by so fast when I start early in the morning, time really flies! I have a CRAZY story that happened at work today! I came from the back of the kitchen towards the front by the register in Food Ave. A woman was laying on the ground looking like she was in pain!?....One of my coworkers was standing near here trying to call someone else over. I had to check it out!....So I was listening and watching it all! This very old man was mean mugging the woman on the ground and giving her dirty looks while circling around her. The man came over by me and started telling me, "She's faking it! She wants money from the company!!"I just listened to him talk.....The woman was walked out of the store to her car. I guess she slipped on something and hurt her ankle or foot....But that older man believed she was lying! & just wanted money! Target was such a ZOO today! Very busy! I felt like I was at the Los Angeles zoo! But at least the day was exciting at work! I left work at 4 and had to take care of the whole bus pass situation! I just bought a new card so I can get places until the issue is fixed! I'm going to speak with the manager tomorrow, about the situation. I still can't believe that I had to buy a new monthly bus pass! I also told them I wanted a new card because maybe there was something wrong with it. I was charged $2.00 to purchase another card!?! How stupid! I mean it's just $2.00 but still! I made it home early and laid on my bed because I was exhausted from a long day! I didn't want to go out tonight because I didn't want to miss Kim K's FairyTale wedding special on E! I just watched part one, part two is on tomorrow! I can't wait for the ceremony and to see all the celebs that attended!

Kim and Kris at LAX.

Kim Kardashian on PEOPLE magazine.

Look at that ROCK!

Kim K's Fairytale wedding part 1....aired on E! today!

& I was lucky enough to get a picture with the DIVA herself!(: (a few weeks after the wedding) Wow. She looks just as good in person as she does on TV. 

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