Saturday, October 8, 2011

Starbucks....Starbucks....& more Starbucks!

Had a VERY relaxing day today! Slept in until like 11 in the afternoon! It felt so good to just sleep in and get up whenever I wanted to! I got ready and went to Starbucks in West Hollywood on Sunset Blvd, that is one of my favorite Starbucks! I love going to that one. I worked on my blog for hours! I made a new post and figured out how to put a few more things on my blog! I've been learning so much about blogging just on my own. I have to bring in more viewers though! Thats probably the toughest part! It would help me so much if you guys would REPOST, RETWEET, and share it with others! I'm trying to bring in as many viewers as possible! =) I was at Starbucks for over 5 hours! It was pretty relaxing....It just felt good to sit outside and blog. The weather was perfect today! It was in the 70's and a little breezy. I got a drink that I just recently started drinking. It's a Vanilla Bean with a shot of expresso and carmel in the inside. It's delicious! You guys have to try it! I also Skyped someone back home in Wisconsin....Skype is so easy to work, I love it! I wonder if one of these days my mom will figure it out?... I jumped on the bus after Starbucks, I "tapped" my tap card (monthly bus pass) and it wasn't working!? I was like "YES" it works! He said it had no money on it! The bus driver really wasn't explaining anything to me! I was like "I don't get it? I don't understand?" He wasn't helping me out at all! The only thing he said was this time I could ride for free." I don't want to ride for free, I want my tap card to work!!!! I'm so irritated about the whole situation! I went on 2 other busses and I heard the machine make a noise that it never makes and I just ran past the bus driver before he kicked me off! I then went to Target to pick up a few things, and I was craving the pizza hut bread sticks from there! YUM! I went to the Target in West Hollywood, and then went to the Starbucks right there, I was craving a hot drink! This is the Target and Starbucks where you can see the Hollywood sign from!(: Heading home NoHo! One of my favorite things in North Hollywood would have to be the Taco stands that are all over the place! They have the best TACOS! The TRUE mexicans make them! :D

I'm waiting for the bus right now that I might not get on because of the whole bus card issue....I ran into this guy that I've seen before. He's always walking around North Hollywood talking about Michael Jackson. ALWAYS! He discusses with random people everything about Michael!

This is my mom hanging up on me the other day! How RUDE! Who could ever hang up on this cute red head!(: The red heads are so innocent!

Reached my 15 stars today! :D Another free drink! (:

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  1. How mean! Moms should never hang up on sons. I am quite jealous of the weather. I feel like I am getting depressed from the garbage weather here :(