Saturday, October 8, 2011

All OVER Los Angeles!

Running around Los Angeles today! Exhausted! Got up so early again, hoping to run into David Beckham but never did! :( Ran around a few places, Downtown LA, Hollywood, Los Feliz, and Beverly Hills. I mean after trying to hunt down David Beckham for 2 hours I was already exhausted!! Headed back to Hollywood with a friend to drop off a few of our things at a store so we didn't have to drag them around Beverly Hills with us. I mean we had posters, bags, soccer balls! We headed to Beverly Hills on the slowest bus! Geez! The bus driver kept stopping because he was running his route to fast! So we kept asking him what's going on and if the bus broke down?!...cause he would randomly stop at random places in West Hollywood! We made it to B. Hills. Spent so many hours just celeb hunting!! Like hours! & found nobody!! We even hung out in front of Kim Kardashian's favorite nail salon! She's currently in the big apple, but many other stars go there as well. We did spot one of the ladies from "the housewives of Beverly Hills" eating dinner. I was going to ask for a picture but I really didn't want to interrupt! I guess it's one of her favorite restaurants, and shes always there. We also spotted many more photographers star hunting. They were in front of one of the clinics that many stars go to including Betty White, who was just spotted there the other day. I guess there's this video online of Betty White outside the clinic and some homeless lady is blocking all the photographers and saying "leave her alone!" This lady has done this a few times and has been kicked out of the area! Jessica Alba was seen shopping at one of the stores while we were there. But I guess she kept covering herself up to not be seen. After we left Beverly Hills I looked online and saw that frecking "Reese Witherspoon" was seen running errands! Ugh! Left Beverly Hills only seeing one of the "housewives of Beverly Hills." I'll just have to keep going back there(: but I did take a few pictures(: After Beverly Hills I had to go pick up pictures from COSCO. It's the cheapest place that I've found where I can develop good quality pictures for all these events that I go to. On the bus ride back to the Hollywood & Western subway station, some creep was asking me my name and where I'm from! I told him I'm from Los Angeles! I'm so sick of people confused with the fact white people live in LA! You can't be white and living in California?! Geeze! Brought a coat with me today because it gets a little cold at night! Good thing I brought it along cause I was freezing! The weather during the day is perfect! But at night it gets a little chilly! Made it home at like 10 and pretty much just went to bed.....I had like a 17 hour day!

Here's a couple pictures in front of the Beverly Hills sign.

I RUN Beverly Hills! WATCH OUT! 

Very sad home in Greenfield Wisconsin was just put up for sale. :(
I had so many great memories in that house! Went through many rough life changes while I was living in that house. That house will ALWAYS be my home no matter where I am in the WORLD! ALWAYS! NO MATTER WHAT! We had so many great memories there; the house was built in 2005 by my step dad, and thats where we started our ZOO of all of our animals!, Bunnie, Korkie, Trigger, Minnie, Maggie (I kidnapped her from a bad home she had,)  Coco, Chanel, Tommy, Nicki, Stanky, Cookie, Lily, Pooh, Frankie, Skittles, and the newest member to the house "Baby Blue" a cat we rescued.

AND i can't forget about the purple door! 

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